About Us

Welcome to Anastasia Boutique

We are here to offer you the best of we have for you to relax Anastasia boutique was established as a fashion house in laguna beach,CA In 1983 with presenting French designers ,In the years to come we expanded to different locations in CA such as Newport beach, Beverly Hills ,San fransisco And become a multi desgner label from around the world as the designer fashion grown and counteries like Japan, Belgiuem, UK become part of the new designer world.During this years Fashion become a part of life style and What you eat and where to go and what to see is become a new us and you. So we added our cafe in 1995 with real healthy food and our in store art gallery Repersent our vision of Real,Quality,Simple life to everything we do.

Our store in Laguna Beach is a symbol of our vision in FOOD /FUN/FASHION

Established !983 In Laguna Beach Boutique , Cafe, Gallery