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Vintage clothing Verses Now Fashion

These days you hear more and more about vintage designer pieces. Each day

different Online sites adding VINTAGE to their sites!

As a Fashion online business owner who loves and is patient about the creator of 

These Collections and always kept special Place for these pieces from different

collections I know why suddenly store owners feel they need a VINTAGE section

added to their selections.

To be honest it's because of the lack of creativity in the fashion world and the mass

production of street thoughtless fashion and wannabe copycat of the monopolized

collection this industry losing what it made it special.

The attention to details and the quality of work make the idea comes to reality,

Like a painter who needs a nice brush and a good quality paint to be able to create

A thoughtful designer like MARTIN MARGIELA, JUNYA WATANABE, JON 

TAKAHASHI, YOHJI YAMAMOTO... creating their point of view through fashion

medium. And that's why emotional values still alive in their pieces. 

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