UNDERCOVER spring/Summer 2024

UNDERCOVER spring/Summer 2024

Have you ever wondered how fashion trends come to be? Let's delve into the fascinating world of fashion and explore the science behind the ever-evolving trends.

What Drives Fashion Trends?

Fashion trends are not arbitrary; they are influenced by a variety of factors, including cultural movements, historical events, and technological advancements. In fact, studies have shown that social, economic, and political changes can all impact the direction of fashion trends.

How Fast Do Fashion Trends Change?

Did you know that fashion trends can change as quickly as every season? With the rise of fast fashion brands and social media influencers, the pace of trend turnover has accelerated in recent years. This rapid turnover keeps the industry dynamic and exciting for consumers.

Why Do Certain Colors or Styles Become Trendy?

Psychologists have studied the phenomenon of color and style preferences in fashion. They have found that certain colors and styles can evoke specific emotions or convey social status. This insight helps designers and marketers understand why certain trends become popular and resonate with consumers.

Can Fashion Trends Be Predicted?

With the help of data analytics and trend forecasting, fashion experts can predict upcoming trends with surprising accuracy. By analyzing consumer behavior, social media engagement, and runway shows, trend forecasters can anticipate the next big thing in fashion before it hits the mainstream.

Next time you spot a new trend on the runway or in your favorite store, remember that there is a science behind its creation. Fashion is not just about looking good; it's a reflection of our society and culture.



Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER stands as shorthand for Japanese cool, channeling restless urban energy and dramatic high-concept elegance into an inimitable auteur vision, one that fascinates through apparent contradictions. Takahashi founded his long-lauded label in 1990 on the way to graduating from Tokyo's Bunka Academy of Fashion, breaking the unwritten “apprenticeship first” rule for young Japanese designers. Such irreverence and restless energy carried his early punk-inflected work, which benefited from the mentorship of Comme des Garçons icon Rei Kawakubo. A quarter-century later Takashi’s contemporary design world remains defined by wit and rebellion, offering women unexpected unions of materials, colors, and cuts. Under his philosophically inclined direction, seemingly disparate tops, trousers, jackets, and sneakers are convincingly united by a womenswear ethos rooted in deconstructive tailoring, intriguing material detailing, and unexpected contrasts. Viewed at a distance, one finds UNDERCOVER has constructed a logical yet surrealist design universe all its own, one which Takahashi presides over and continues to expand one collection at a ti
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