Mens Fashion Week Paris 2020 - Anastasia Boutique

Mens Fashion Week Paris 2020

Mens Fashion Week Paris 2020

 From Paris to the future! from 35 years ago that I started this journey I always admired what going into the creating each show in 80's it was the most important piece of PR for each designer and get the attention of the relevant media for relevant buyers, in the '90s and 2000's minimalist era the shows became more substantive and minimal and estetiquely pleasing. With the progress of technology and the new social media era creating shows become las vegas show! Actors, musicians, influencers are flying in to create content !! about them and get more followers! This might help the brand but not creating buyers as the cost of this shows added to the item prices and make them more and more inapproachable for western societies and men's designer fashion as well as women's designer fashion become a fantasy, not a necessity. Watch the video of the show which I attended yesterday and see if you agree.


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