Gucci SS 20

After seeing the last Gucci show I decided to write this, Although never been a fan

Of Gucci Except for TOM FORD Gucci but this collection was the most UNcreative

Presentation and items that wastefully made by Mr. Michaels.

He is trying hard to give meaning to selling ugly clothes and think this is his art

presentation! Or Installation to brainwash a bunch of young adult with all old ideas.

After 35 years in designer fashion business never seen more charlatan designer

Than Mr. Michaels and his organizers.

A fashion show is not an art exhibit the story and symbols are not there to send any

message or tell anything but to sell some UNESTETIQUE pieces of garments.

Many years ago they asked from Yuhji Yamamoto about his art FASHION,

He answered I'm not an artist I'm a tailor.

I  know Mr. Michaels NO yuhji but never is too late to start learning.


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